American Conservatory of Music
First in High Quality Audio Education

Production Services

DSD, PCM or Analog Mastering, Mixing, and Balancing = $150/hour 
DSD Editing on a Genex, Sonoma, or Pyramix = $135/hour 
Transfer Setup Charge = $40 
Transfer from one platform to another (Sonoma, Genex, Pyramix, etc...) = $70/hour 
Format Conversion (PCM to DSD, DSD to DSD, DSD to PCM, PCM to PCM) = $120/hour 
Edit Master Creation = $70/hour 
Stereo Only Authoring = $300 
Stereo and Multichannel Authoring= $700 
Quality Check = $70/hour 
Special Test DVD-R Generation used for Quality Check after Authoring = $100 
Red Book DDP Generation (Includes DSD to PCM via SBM Direct Processing) = $200 
Backup or Restore = $40/hour
24/16/8/4/2 Track Analog Recording/Mixing/Editing (DBX/Dolby/Telcom Noise Reduction: add $50/hour) = $175/hour

Media Prices

Blank Exabyte 8mm Tape for DDP Master = $50 
Blank AIT Tape for SACD Authoring or Project Archiving = $100 
Blank LTO-3 Media = $160 
70G 10kRPM SCSI Hard Disk Drive in Kingston Carrier = $980 
140G 10KRPM SCSI Hard Disk Drive in Kingston Carrier = $1650
250G USB or Firewire Hard Disk Drive = $350
400G USB or Firewire Hard Disk Drive = $550
1TB Firewire Hard Disk System = $1500
2" audio blank tape 2500 ft: $350 (precision reel)
1" audio blank tape 2500 ft: $240 (precision reel)
1/2" audio blank tape 2500 ft: $150 (precision reel)
1/4" audio blank tape 2500 ft: $100 (precision reel)
1/4" audio blank tape 2500 ft: $60 (hub pancake)

Partial Equipment List

Sonoma DSD Workstation
Pyramix DSD/PCM Workstation
Philips SACD Mastering System
Full Optical Disc Mastering Services (Industry standard Media and Data DVD and CD formats)
2 EMM Labs ADC8
2 EMM Labs DAC8
2 Avid Pro Tools HD3 Digital Audio Workstations
Genex GX9048 48 Track DSD Recorder
Genex D-Stage 48 Channel Mic/Pre and A/D (DSD and PCM)
Genex D-Mix 64 In x 24 out x 8 submaster out
Tango Console
Studer A-80 MK-IV 1/2" 2-Track
Studer A-80 MK-IV 1/4" 2-Track
Studer A-810 1/4" 2 Track
Studer 961 20 in x 4 x 2 Analog Console
Studer 169 10 in x 2 Analog Console
Behringer SX4882 48 x 8 x 2 Analog Console
2 3M M79 24 Track Recorder
3M M79 16 Track Recorder
3M M79 8 Track Recorder - on request
3M M79 4 Track Recorder
3M M79 3 Track Recorder - on request
3M M79 2 Track Recorder
Tascam 1/2" 8 Track Recorder
Apple iMac G5 running Logic Studio 8, Audio Desk, Digital Performer, Bias Peak, Pro Tools
Full assortment of VST and Audio Units Plugins
Eventide H969 Harmonizer
Eventide Instant Flanger/Phaser
Delta Lab DL-2
Delta Lab Effectron II
Allison Research Kepex II/Gain Brain II
MOTU Time Piece
Full assortment of Neumann Microphones
Crown PZM Microphones
Hammond C3 Organ with Leslie
Full set of percussion
Yamaha Clavinovas
Yamaha SY77
ARP AXXE Analog Synthesizer
Complete set of Audio and Software Synthesizer plugins: ARP, Moog, Virsyn, etc.