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Interesting Link about the robustness of SACDCopy Management

Genex/DeSono Assets acquired by American Conservatory of Music

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Learn more about Super Audio Compact Discs.

Various Digital Formats: How to sort through the confusing standards

Coming Back Soon:  D-Mix and D-Stage with improved Mic Pre Design.

DSD Mix Engine uses robust true digital audio processors with no compromise tools.

Stay tuned for more information.

Coming Back Soon: 48 Track Recorder Reproducer

The GX9048 will be making its way back into the marketplace featuring a brand new design and a planned dual DSD sample rate recording and reproduce selection.
Stay tuned for more information.

Full Frequency Surround Playback Experience

Put away your mp3s, your audio CDs, and step up to multi-channel surround playback in a full frequency experience not often experienced. Are you missing out on this exciting technology?
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Make High Resolution Audio Recordings

Visit our services tab to learn more about how you can make high resolution, state-of-the-art audio recordings.

SACD Mastering Services

Want to master your DSD recording in the SACD format?  Visit our services tab to learn more about how you can accomplish your goal of publishing your artistic creation on Super Audio Compact Discs.

What are the benefits of DSD-Wide?

  • No Down Sampling.  Retain DSD Sample Rate throughout edits.
  • Use of industry standard audio plugins.
  • Low Latency; highest fidelity audio mixing.